Red Cross 'Paperclips Can Be Dangerous' Cartoon PSA Is Bloody Funny (VIDEO)

You're cracking us up, Red Cross. No, really.

The Australian Red Cross has released a cartoon PSA that is so disgustingly fun it's surprising.

"Paperclips Can Be Dangerous" (watch above) starts with a man who has a paperclip stuck in his eye. Nobody knows what to do. Indecision careens into a zany sequence of bloody accidents, projectile vomiting and galactic destruction. "What will it take for you to learn first aid?" the kicker reads.

The American Red Cross recently made a lighthearted spot about knucklehead babysitters to encourage registration for its childcare course.

But this one, created by Monkeystack and posted Friday on Ads of the World, might make you hurt with laughter.

If the Australian Red Cross has its way, you'll learn how to treat that pain.