Red Cup Challenge

Don't judge a cup by its color, but by its content. If the color of Starbuck's cups is offensive to you, as a Christian or otherwise, maybe you should stop and ask yourself why? Is it because it is not white? Is it because it is blank? Do you feel as if the cup should have a message, perhaps your message? If you answered yes to any of these questions I challenge you to shift your focus, from the cup to the real issue at hand.

How many homeless people are in your community? Are there needy families in your hometown? Is there a message that you would like to send to them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I ask you to take a moment to clear your mind of this senseless petty debate over a cup and allow your eyes to be opened to the world that we have been so desensitized to and see the real offense. Open your eyes and see the people who cannot afford a cup of coffee or anything else for that matter, and in turn, open your heart.

I challenge you to take a cup, any color, and fill it with supplies, such as toiletries, snacks or gift cards. Maybe even consider putting a gift card from Starbucks in there. I'm certain someone would truly appreciate one of those warm red cups on these cold winter days. I challenge you to stop being so offended and stop fighting amongst one another and let's get on the offense and fight hunger and poverty. Have a "cup drive" at your church, school, or job.

Let's change the world, one cup at a time. Fill a cup, or a bag with things that we take for granted every day and go to your local homeless shelter, women's abuse shelter, or take a drive into the places that you avoid and give a homeless person standing on the street or sleeping under a bridge one of these cups. Stop this ridiculous bickering and do what you're called to do, and love people. Send a message to the world. Say, "I see you, I acknowledge you and I care."