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Red Flag: Why I Ignored The Red Flags In My Relationship And Got Married Anyway (VIDEO)

In a blog post earlier this month, writer Dani Alpert opened up about why she married her ex-husband when she knew she wasn't in love with him.

And in a HuffPost Live appearance late last week, she elaborated on some of the glaring red flags she ignored before saying "I do."

"We didn't share the same sense of humor...we didn't laugh at the same things," she told host Nancy Redd. "We just had very different outlooks on life in general...I wasn't really attracted to him in that way one should be attracted to another person if they're going to date and ultimately have a relationship and I just ignored every single one of those flags."

So why did she ultimately get married?

"I really thought that this is what I was supposed to do," she said. "We were dating, we got engaged and I thought this was the next step."

Watch the clip above for more on Alpert's story (and click here for the full HuffPost Live segment), then scroll through the slideshow below for more relationship red flags from our readers.

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