Red Is the New Black

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Inner-city black communities are screaming bloody murder.

Tears of those affected hover like a cloud over cities continuously drowned in blood splatter.

Night time arrives with no peace--no rest and no silent nights.

Day time offers no reprieve, only a chance at less likelihood often shattered by daytime shots striking the innocent.

Gang colors and gang ties blend in with the mixtures of red, crossing all territories of life.

Sifting through unidentified bodies becomes a guessing game of the deserved demised and innocent bystander.

Are bad apples concentrated in one community, or do good apples lack resources to stop it all?

Black shooters against black victims lessen collective human empathy.

Does responsibility fall to the affected community?

The affected communities remain engulfed in years of inferiority--long festering.

Community programs are lost in a statewide stalemate of helping hands of privilege.

Meanwhile, human black bodies stain red on a daily basis.

Concrete turns red by the hour.

Hospital beds turn red with the tick of a clock.

"If black lives matter, why are blacks killing blacks at an alarming rate?" Some say.

If all lives matter, why is race a factor when lives shatter?

When did red stains become so typical and acceptable against black bodies?

It appears that red has become the new black--a progression seemingly accepted by society in masses.