Watch The Beautiful Moment People With Disabilities Finally Get To Touch The Ocean

Fredrika Menezes loves the beach. But she has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, which makes reaching the waves a challenging task.

"It's difficult to go to the beach now," she said in the video above. "I can only dream about it."

That's why The Red Ramp Project -- launched by H&R Johnson in India, a ceramic tile and home decor products company -- is advocating for Indian officials to make the country a more hospitable place for people like Menezes.

In the video above, the campaign surprises Menezes and others who need wheelchairs or crutches to get around by creating a walkway that goes directly to the water.

"If just one ramp on one beach for one day can make a difference," the video explains. "Imagine what an access-friendly India could feel like."

According to the campaign, just 5 percent of India is accessible to people with physical disabilities. The project aims to focus on often-inaccessible spots like office buildings, beaches, railway stations and malls -- "every place the rest of us take for granted" -- that should be more accommodating.

In a country where nearly 27 million people were counted in India's 2011 census as living with some form of disability, the project is garnering support through a petition calling for change.

"This is hopefully the nudge required to set off a movement that will benefit a significant part of our society," the project states on its website. "If we even get a few people to think, 'This place must be tough to access for a physically challenged person,' the change has begun."

To support The Red Ramp Project, visit the campaign's website here.

To take action on pressing poverty issues, check out the Global Citizen's widget below.


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