Red Rock Island For Sale: Privately Owned Island In San Francisco Bay On Market (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

From time to time, San Francisco offers up some unique real estate. Take the Alamo Square historic mansion complete with gaming parlor, for instance. And sometimes Bay Area real estate sees some astronomical price cuts like when Joe Montana's 500-acre Calistoga estate slashed its asking price by $14 million.

But for those seeking something seriously unique for a serious steal, look no further than Red Rock Island -- on the market now for $9 million. That's $12 million less than it was just last year. Seriously. You can get your own island in the Bay for a quarter of the price of the St. Regis penthouse.


Red Rock Island is the only privately owned island in the Bay, and is an uninhabited, undeveloped 5.8-acre hunk of rock launching 170 feet out of the waves, surrounded by some of the deepest water in the Bay. It rests just below the Richmond Bridge and spans three counties -- Marin, San Francisco and Contra Costa. And while the land would require serious groundwork before any building would be possible ($10 to anyone who can find a flat spot) we can't believe developers aren't chomping at the bit on this one. Though the margin may be eaten up by the cost of piping in fresh water and power, the possibilities are virtually endless.

The island is rife with lore of possible mineral riches and alleged buried pirate treasure. (We can't make this stuff up.) But for nature-lovers, the completely undisturbed land, secret caves and rocky beaches offer plenty of real loot.

"The first time I went to the island, I was so excited I jumped out of the boat and ran down the beach," said current owner David Glickman to Wired in a 2007 interview. "The people with me said I looked like a child who just bought his first island." Touche.

Check out photos of Red Rock Island in the slideshow below, and watch a clip about the island in the CBS video from 2011 when it was listed for $22 million: