Red Sox Fan Makes Greatest Multitasking Bat Catch In Fenway History

Dude kept the cell phone conversation going and hauled in a dangerous flying object at the same time.

We might be exaggerating when we call this the greatest multitasking bat catch in the 109-year history of Fenway Park. Or are we?

Watch this Red Sox fan, who was talking on his cell phone on Sunday, grab a bat that flew out of Angels’ batter Jose Rojas’ hands.

(Watch the clip below.)

The guy doesn’t skip a beat as he intercepts the bat with one hand before handing it to another nearby fan, all while keeping the mobile chatter going.

Who was on the other end of the line? A long-lost relative? A stockbroker working weekends?

We may never know. But they should know they were just as important to this man as a dangerous wooden club hurtling into the stands.

NESN joked that it was the “best Boston highlight” in the second inning because the Angels scored four runs.

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