Red Sox Fan Throws Back Foul Ball To Horror Of His Brother In Father's Day Drama

The Mulligan family went through tears, recriminations and a sibling food fight while the Red Sox battled the Yankees.

Pat Mulligan used more of his dad skills than he probably he thought he would on Father’s Day at Fenway Park. (Watch the videos below.)

A kind fan got a foul ball in the stands during the Red Sox-Yankees game and gave it to Mulligan’s son Charlie. But instead of cherishing it like the lifetime memento it could be, Charlie tossed it toward the field.

That prompted an understandable meltdown from Charlie’s older brother Jack, and Dad tried to comfort both.

Mulligan’s wife, Jaime, is later shown back in the seats with the boys still having a rough time. There’s food-throwing and tears.

But all’s well that ends well. The Red Sox presented the boys with a signed ball and jersey from Red Sox reliever Kenley Jansen. Jansen has the seventh-most career saves (406), so that’s a pretty good get.

Pat Mulligan earned his own save for his diplomatic interview with NESN, which had covered the saga of raw emotions on TV. He praised Charlie’s “nice” (if misguided) throw.

Jack, meanwhile, said Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers was actually his favorite player but he’s a big Jansen fan now.

Incidentally, all Red Sox fans got a Father’s Day gift on Sunday. The Bosox swept the rival Yankees in a split-day doubleheader.

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