Red Sox, Yankees Fans Fight In Stands During Yankees-Tigers Game (VIDEO)

In the middle of the first of three games between the Yankees and Tigers at Yankee Stadium on Friday, an ugly scene took place in the stands when a fight broke out between a couple of female Boston fans and some New Yorkers.

In the clip above, two Red Sox fans get engaged in a shouting match with a section of Yankees fans (section 328 according to the YouTube description). The situation escalated when one of the Boston girls approached the Yankees fans and appeared to throw a punch. Beer was thrown and then it suddenly took a turn for the worse when one of the Boston fans was kicked and tumbled down the steps.


She was able to quickly get back on her feet, fortunately, and appeared to walk away. But moments later she came back for more as another scuffle erupted, but was broken up fast when stadium employees separated them.

This shows another example of how heated the rivalry can get even when the teams aren't playing each other.

Sadly, this type of fan violence has increased over the years. Toronto Blue Jays fans were videotaped in the stands fighting each other in the 500 level of Rogers Centre earlier this season.

On opening day of last season, San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was brutally beaten outside Dodgers Stadium. Just last month, Stow's family told the Associated Press that he no longer needs constant medical care.