Driver Tries To Avoid Ticket By Using Red Sports Drink As Tail Light

Police in Longmont, Colorado, said they appreciated the driver's ingenuity but it was "not a permanent solution."
Longmont Police Department

DENVER (AP) — Colorado police say a driver tried to replace a broken tail light with a red sports drink.

Denver news station KMGH-TV reported that Longmont police stopped a driver Monday who placed a red-colored bottled drink where his car’s rear light should have been.

Authorities say the driver was on his way to get the tail light fixed when officers stopped him in Longmont, 38 miles (61 kilometers) north of Denver.

Officials say officers didn’t ticket the driver, who was seen repairing his car later that day.

Police say tail lights prevent crashes and “while we appreciate the ingenuity of this taillight, this is not a permanent solution.”

Authorities say vehicles must have a red tail light that can be seen at least 100 feet (30 meters) away during the day.


Information from: KMGH-TV,

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