Red Twitter: China Debuts Communist Microblog

Red Microblog: China's Communist Twitter

The Chinese government has launched "Red Microblog" as a propaganda-filled response to popular micro-blogging sites like Twitter.

Unlike Twitter, which centers around free speech, the new site focuses on disseminating propaganda, namely the quotes of Chairman Mao, and will likely be heavily censored.

According to the Telegraph:

Messages on the home page included: "Work hard, be honest and treat others well", "There is no sky larger than the hand, no road longer than the feet, no mountain higher than the people, no sea wider than the heart", and "Those who go with the flow are forever going up and down in the waves; only those who go against the wind fearing no hardship, can reach the other side fast."

The site has already encountered technical problems however, as new members found it impossible to sign up for the service, reported Mashable.

While a host of other social-networking Twitter "clones" have arisen in China, Twitter has remained censored, according to the Telegraph. Red Microblog is the first of its kind out of the Communist state.

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