Red Wedding: 14 People Who Now Hate George RR Martin After Latest Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones'

14 People Who Now Hate George RR Martin

Last night was the "Red Wedding" episode on HBO's adaptation fo George RR Martin's beloved Game of Thrones series.

Martin kills off several major characters and, needless to say, a lot of people are infuriated/sad/confused/heartbroken.

Twitter feed @RedWeddingTears began cataloging people's reactions, and, though we feel everyone's pain, it's actually pretty hilarious.

Many people are now pledging that they're "done" with the series, and also sending lots of threats and "f-yous" George RR Martin's way.

We're beginning to feel sorry for Martin, as people tend to constantly be aggravated with him for some reason or another (usually for doing any activity other than writing the books).

Here are 14 new George RR Martin haters, fresh from watching the disturbing episode from last night. Haven't seen last night's episode yet? The last tweet is a spoiler, but the first 13 aren't.

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