So THAT'S Why Red Wine Gives You A Headache

Don't blame it on the sulfites.

It’s a sad fact: sometimes when you drink red wine, a headache ensues. It’s the opposite reaction you’re looking for, but it happens. Not everyone experiences them ― some folks deal with it more than others. But for those who do experience red wine headaches, it’s real a bummer.

Here’s the thing we want you to know in the new year: you might not have to suffer.

First, you need to know what causes the headaches. Despite what many people say, it is not the sulfites. Sulfites have been associated with headaches because a small percentage of the population has severe reactions ― allergy- and asthma-related, not headaches ― from them. Sulfites are actually found in a lot of other foods, like dried fruits and deli meats, so if you can eat those without trouble, you should be able to drink wine without trouble, too.

There are in fact many other factors at play that can actually cause a red wine headache to occur. The folks at broke it down for us in a very handy infographic, and offered a solution when there was one. Bookmark this, and enjoy many more glasses of wine, without the headache, in 2017.

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