Reddit To Donate 10 Percent Of Ad Revenue To Charity

Reddit To Donate 10 Percent Of Ad Revenue To Charity
reddit logo, social networking website, graphic element
reddit logo, social networking website, graphic element

Reddit has decided to donate 10 percent of its ad revenue to charity in the only way the citizen website knows how: by letting the community decide exactly where the money will go.

Reddit made the announcement on its blog on Friday, saying that revenue generated from both big and small ad campaigns will support the charity initiative. At the end of the year, Reddit will accept nominations for nonprofits from users. It will then hold an election to determine where the funds should be donated.

"We want to show that advertising doesn’t just support the Reddit platform, it also directly supports the causes and goals of Reddit as a whole," the website announced.

The money collected will be distributed proportionally based on percentage of votes among the top 10 nonprofits.

This initiative is just another feather in the cap of generous Reddit users who frequently use the platform to make the world a better place.

Last April, after the Boston Marathon bombings, Redditors came forward to comfort people who were stranded in the area by sending hundreds of pizza pies. In 2012, users donated $80,000 to an orphanage in Kenya after a man was attacked while trying to protect the kids there. And last summer, after a homeless burn victim shared his story in an "Ask Me Anything," users responded with an outpouring of support for the dad of two who was trying to get back on his feet.

Yep, this upcoming project definitely gets our upvote.

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