Reddit Proposal Uses Memes, Draws Controversial Response

Using memes to propose has worked out well for grooms-to-be in the past, but one Redditor who popped the question Monday was not quite so lucky.

Sure, user SirTechnocracy's girlfriend, LadyTechnocracy, said "yes," but many in the Reddit community and elsewhere online were shouting "no, no no!"

Redditor spasmwaiter wrote, "This is the most cringe inducing sh*t I've ever seen on reddit... I hate you all so much." And user streakingduck said, "I am expecting this to end up on /r/cringe. I know someone will cringe at this." Even Betabeat's Jordyn Taylor declared that, "Love is now dead," on account of the meme-fueled proposal, adding, "Patti Stanger, Chris Harrison and everybody else fighting valiantly to uphold the sanctity of the marriage proposal can just go quit their jobs now."

Take a look at SirTechnocracy's proposal, then let us know if you think it's worthy of such derision:

Would you say "yes" to a proposal like this? Tell us in the comments!

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Geeky Marriage Proposals

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