Reddit Raises More Than $31,000 In Hours For Lucas Gonzalez, Boy With Rare Immune Disorder (PHOTOS)

Days after publishing a post on Reddit, the Gonzalez family has received more than $31,000 in contributions from the site's readers to go toward son Lucas' bone marrow transplant.

The 3-year-old boy suffers from Hyper IgM Syndrome, a rare immunodeficiency disorder that makes him more susceptible to infections and puts him at an early risk of death.

Dr. Suhag H. Parikh of Duke University, recommended Lucas undergo a bone marrow transplant to overcome the risks associated with the disorder.

In order for Lucas to receive the procedure, the Gonzalez family has to relocate from Florida to North Carolina, where the hospital is located. According to the post, a financial adviser estimated six-months worth of living expenses, insurance costs and medical bills would run the family about $50,000.

Lucas' aunt's boyfriend took to Reddit with the boy's story. He posted an image gallery under the username ironyx, and explained the family's circumstances.

Within hours, the Internet community had donated at least $31,000.

Although ironyx included a letter from the doctor verifying Lucas' condition and recommending treatment, one user decided to verify the story for himself and spoke to the doctor on Duke's campus. Sure enough, the story checked out.

As an expression of gratitude Luis Gonzalez, Lucas' father, has vowed to get a Reddit tattoo. In a recent post, Gonzalez said he had decided on "the Reddit robot with a heart on his chest."

As of Dec. 6, the family had raised $55,038, according to their website,

This isn't the first time Reddit users have banded together to raise money for a cause, MSNBC reports.

Earlier this year, the community helped raise more than $30,000 for Doctors Without Borders, and in 2010, Reddit users donated about $185,000 toward recovery efforts after the Haiti earthquake.