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Reddit User Buys Old Martin Luther King Jr. Book, Finds His Autograph Inside (PHOTOS)

For those of you have come to prefer a more digital reading experience, this might make you want to pick up an old musty book again.

In a Reddit post yesterday, user captain_fishy said he'd recently ordered a used copy of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Strength to Love' off Amazon. While new hardcovers of the 1963 volume sell for more than $450, captain-fishy paid just $3.50 for a used copy.

When it arrived, he discovered that it was actually worth far more.

On the very first page he found a personal message to the original owner along with what he believes to be the signature of MLK Jr. himself.

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In the thread of over a thousand comments, the original poster asked fellow Reddit users for help in verifying the message's authenticity.

Some users looked up King's signature and found it comparable to the one found in the book.

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Captain_fishy also wrote in response to comments that he has plans to take the book to a more knowledgable source to have it authenticated and appraised. Redditor Tgg161 speculated that it may be worth up to $2,500, but the new owner has no plans of getting rid of it.

"Definitely not thinking of selling it," he wrote, "It's one of the luckier things that's ever happened to me if it is real."

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