Redditor Spends $535, Buys Coffee For 300 People In Line Behind Him (PHOTO)

Last week, one Canadian man woke up on the right side of the bed and wanted to spread the good feeling around.

Yesterday Redditor JamesF4 posted a photo of his receipt for 300 large coffees from a fast food restaurant, 299 of which went to the people in line behind him.

The post currently has 1289 upvotes and 1001 comments.

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It took a while to explain the order to the cashier, and by the time the manager had sorted everything out, a line had formed and people were growing impatient, JamesF4 explained in a comment. That is, until they realized that the reason for the wait was free coffee.

"My mother has always been extremely generous, even at times where she hasn't had much to give," JamesF4 commented. "In a way it's a tribute to her, and by posting it I'm hoping other people will think and maybe pay it forward in kind."

JamesF4 told HuffPost that his name isn't really James at all, and that he's purposefully posting anonymously to keep from getting credit. Pay-it-forward coffees have become something of a trend in Canada. CNN reported that customers at Tim Hortons restaurants across the country have paid for 500 or more coffees, on six separate occasions last week alone.

"I respect him," fellow Redditor beesh18 wrote, "Not because he just bought coffee for all those people, but a simple thing like this can turn someone's day around and who knows, they could have turned around and done some good deed to another stranger after this."



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