Reddit's Worst Date Stories

NBC's Undateable kicks off its second season soon, and the cast was on hand with What's Trending at this year's South by Southwest festival to give us the scoop.

"It's not a show about a bunch of people out dating people," creator Bill Lawrence is quick to clarify. "We kind of hope it's like Cheers a little bit."

Similar to that Boston-based classic, Undateable centers on a group of friends who spend much of their time in the same bar.

There's also singing. "Way too much singing for a sitcom," according to Lawrence. (If you haven't already watched the above interview, 1:30-2:00 is a beautiful -- or beautifully annoying if you're Chris D'Elia -- musical breakdown.)

Keeping with the theme of dating, the conversation turned to Reddit. A popular ongoing thread on the massive "front page of the Internet" is about redditors' worst dating experiences. D'Elia and the rest of Undateable took turns reading out the worst of the worst.

We won't spoil it. But one of the worst involves human scabs that may or may not have ended up in a date's soup. Undateable indeed.