Redefine Your Definition of Beauty

As women, our self-image is constantly bombarded from every angle. The fashion and media industries tell us constantly about how we're not beautiful enough, or don't have flawless enough skin, or need to compete with the women in our lives for success and love. We're provided an endless stream of beauty products to "fix" our hair, our complexion, our height, our shape, and more.

We don't even realize that most of what we read and see is specifically engineered to create subconscious beliefs about who we are in the world. The media creates a story in an ad campaign, which becomes a story we tell ourselves, which becomes a story we tell other people, and subsequently becomes our story of who we are - a lot of times without our conscious knowledge or permission.

Ashley Crouch has first hand knowledge of this. After spending years in Manhattan working behind the scenes at photoshoots, fashion weeks, and spinning stories for press placement, Crouch woke up to how limiting messages about beauty in the media sabotage women's self-esteem. She recalls that she "was so disoriented by working in media and fashion for years, I felt like I was hearing everyone else voice and not listening to my own."

Her solution at the time was to flee the country to live off the grid in France for a month. She didn't know anything about her trip (including where she was going to stay) but she did make one promise to herself: to journal every single day.

"I wrote everyday and by end of month I had 2300 handwritten pages. I felt more alive than I ever had before. I had given myself permission to hear my own voice. From there I got the opportunity to create the kind of person that I want to be and live it everyday to create the legacy of my life."

Crouch didn't want to wait around for the media to change it's ways. Instead, her self-realization quickly expanded to provide a similar solution to others when she teamed with several women entrepreneurs. They set out to create a product that would not only educate women, but also be a fun daily companion to remind them of their worth every single day.

"I wanted to create a culture of affirmation for women to change this ourselves. We are able to physically change the neuropathways in our brains to work through these unhealthy ways and recreate positive neuronetworks in our brains from place of affirmation. The words that we speak architect the reality of our lives. Our words come from inner dialogue and become flesh. We must be intentional about every word that comes out of our mouth about ourselves, our possibility and who we are."

Bloom, Lovely combines proven techniques with Crouch's experience to reach women where they are and help them feel beautiful, empowered, and equipped to live their best life every single day.

"Bloom, Lovely is a daily companion to help women blossom into their best selves. We created the journal because: Women cannot become what they do not believe. We believe every woman wants to feel beautiful and should feel free to thrive. Often, our insecurities hold us back from advocating for ourselves or realizing our true potential. To help, we foster a culture of affirmation. We help women break through their mental limitations and enrich their relationship with themselves and other women."

Bloom, Lovely is a combination of meditations through an app and a journal* filled with quotes about beauty for every day of the year to help women understand and reflect on their self-worth. Crouch recognized that lasting change happens through daily reinforcement over time. Each day, users have the power to choose new ways to view themselves, others, and the world, rooted in healthier definitions about what true beauty is. It was designed to re-train your brain as a fun, simple way to change your approach to beauty!


The short meditation allows women to go into an emotional space by internalizing the quote and shaping her thoughts for the day. The quotes in the journal directly align with meditation in the app. It's important as we go through this process of change to solidify our thoughts by putting them into words and writing them down.

"I believe women everywhere deserve to feel beautiful. Women often make resolutions to live healthier, diet, or give up some bad habit to become their best self. Those efforts are sabotaged by a mindset that believes they are not worth it, don't deserve it, or are not good enough. Bloom, Lovely helps women blossom into their best self from the inside out. It is the first product of its kind; a fun, mini-guide to a healthier mindset, true self-worth and self-acceptance. It provides a roadmap for women to redefine beauty for themselves so they can truly thrive. If women could believe they are beautiful, valuable, and worth it, they would be unstoppable."

Cheers to that! Be sure to check out to learn more about the beauty movement, and get 14 free days of Bloom, Lovely inspiration delivered straight to your inbox!

*Note: The journal was created by artisans and female entrepreneurs, featuring hand painted cover design, interior pages, and hand lettered quotes. Eco-friendly, 100% recycled paper, and made in America.