Redefining "Farm to Table" From The Ocean

A new cooperative provides consumers with direct access to sustainable seafood.

Dock to Dish is a supply-driven, community-based, “3P” seafood sourcing program that provides direct “dock” access to fresh, wild and sustainable seafood. The fish supply is accurately curated for participating chefs and cooperative members and is traceable to the source of origin ― the fisher who harvested the haul. The Montauk, New York branch of the program was organized by lifelong fisherman and restaurateur Sean Barrett, along with 31 small-scale commercial fishermen and traditional shellfish harvesters, who are the last of their kind in the region. This alliance of tradesmen share over 500 years of experience on the water and believe that the best way to experience seafood is the way it’s been done historically—when the “catch of the day” is really caught that day. Current fishing industry practices are unsustainable and the fishermen in the alliance see the Dock to Dish model as a new way forward economically. And the “Dish” side of of the cooperative boasts internationally recognized chefs featured on programs like Netflix’s “Chef’s Table.” Dock to Dish is successfully changing the narrative and reconnecting consumers and providers. Satellite programs are currently operational in New England, California and Vancouver, and new programs are in the works in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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