Redefining Prom

Honor friendship, cherish memories, celebrate history, and enjoy the fun and excitement of Prom on National Prom Day, March 31, 2017. National Prom Day celebrates this special time in every teen’s life, a time that’s not only filled with fashion, friendship and fun but where safety, peer pressure and insecurity can sometimes go along with it.

National Prom Day 2017 highlights the efforts of Students Against Destructive Driving (SADD). SADD encourages students to make healthy decisions and behavior. SADD formerly known as Students Against Drunk Driving has expanded their mission to create awareness about negative body image, addiction, bullying, suicide and depression. In honor of National Prom Day, SADD, PromGirl and PromGuy are working to build a community that encourages confidence, empowerment, individuality and inner beauty. PromGirl and PromGuy will make a donation for every dress sold on their websites during National Prom Day (March 31st) to SADD.

The word PROM holds a much deeper meaning than a “high school dance” for PromGirl and PromGuy. They’ve redefined PROM to mean: Powerful. Real. One. More, providing an outlet for teens to express their unique personalities through fashion and create a community that fosters confidence, empowerment, and individuality. All generations are invited to celebrate National Prom Day this year by sharing photos of their prom memories on social media using the hashtag #NationalPromDay.

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