This Artist Photographed 109 Women To Redefine 'Femininity'

Because it's so much more than prettiness.

 Taking photos at a military base completely changed how one artist thought about femininity.  

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 Photographer Logan Norton is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for Fort Ord: Beautya book that celebrates different facets of womanhood and femininity. 

Norton told The Huffington Post that he was originally inspired by the architecture of Fort Ord, an abandoned military base in California. When began to think about models to shoot at the location, he realized how limited his views on femininity were. 

"My immediate response was to have a series of images of young, thin, tall, 'pretty' women in soft, earthy, flowing wardrobe, with long hair, pastel, soft makeup set against the harsh backdrop of the old military base," he told HuffPost. "I began to understand that this concept was a direct result of the popular culture imagery I had been inundated with for most of my life. That was just how I viewed femininity."

Norton sought out 109 women "from all walks of life" to photograph at Fort Ord, encouraging them to express their femininity however they saw fit. 

"I wanted to make this project into one that combated this predisposition through the inclusion of women from all backgrounds with looks that didn't fall into this stereotype," he told HuffPost. 

Norton will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds from Fort Ord: Beauty to No More Tears, a nonprofit that empowers women and families to live safe, hopeful lives. 

Norton hopes that the images will help other people think differently about femininity, but ultimately, he told HuffPost: "It was my own preconceptions about femininity that I am seeking to counter through this project."

 View more stunning images from this series below, and learn more about Fort Ord: Beauty here

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