Redhead Baby Names: 14 Famous Redheads With Great Names

Written by Linda Rosenkrantz for Nameberry

If red hair runs in your family, you may be looking for a redhead name. The most common way to go about finding one is to sort through the long list of names that mean red-haired, from Rory to Rufus, Flynn to Flanagan. An alternative is to find yourself a worthy ginger namesake, either from the pages of history or a current celeb. So, at the risk of offending by omission such ordinary-named notables as Helen of Troy, Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, James Joyce, and Margaret Sanger -- here are our nominations for best-named redheads of all time. Oh -- and where is the most famous redhead of all? Turns out Lucille Ball’s natural hair color was mousey brown.

Clara Bow

14 Great Redheads