Redheads Set the Bar for Summer Beauty Trends

On Sunday's night episode of Mad Men, Megan's friend wonders aloud why everybody wants redheads, since anyone with a bottle of hair dye can buy herself a new personality as a sassy and feisty redhead.

As co-founder of How to be a Redhead, a website designed and created for Redheads, this quote got me thinking and I must say, it is true. Red hair gives women (and men) a level of confidence and sex appeal. I dug through fashion magazines and runway show photos only to discover that redheads are truly setting the bar for the top spring/summer fashion trends, too.

Let's take a look into how celebrity redheads are giving other hair colored women a run for their money as trendsetters:

1. Dominant Brows: I believe Sophia Loren started the bold eyebrow trend many, many years ago. True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll and Bryce Dallas Howard have pronounced gorgeous, thick eyebrows, too, that compliment their bone structure and hair. At recent runway shows, thicker eyebrows have been all the rage.

Get this Look: Use an eye shadow to color in the brow and a clear mascara to comb the hair upwards; this will also blend in the color and give you a natural look

2. Fresh Skin: This beauty trend is very popular this summer -- less makeup, the better. Julianne Moore has always been known to be a fresh faced Redhead who embraced her freckles and skin. Other red ladies are following in her steps, like Amy Adams and Marcia Cross.

Get this Look: The skin looks so great when it has that 'dewy' look. After washing your face and applying lotion, apply an oil-free foundation. Next, add a bit of mascara and a lip gloss. Many women are wearing this look with a high bun or you can wear your hair down in beachy waves.

3. Dark Lips: Dark, pronounced lips are very 'in' and no one wears this look better than the Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks. Her bold lips and Red hair are a true beauty statement and women around the world are following suit.

Get this Look: Instead of using a lip liner and lipstick, simply use your lip liner for both! First, line your lips then color in the lip. The liner will stain and the color will stay on for hours.

4. Color: Whether you're rocking bright, wild lips, fun eye shadow or staple fashion pieces, loud colors are very 'in'. Redhead stars like Emma Stone who rocks great makeup in the Revlon Spring 2012 ad, Jessica Chastain who wore eye-popping color choices in the April edition of Vogue Italia and Bryce Dallas Howard who wore 'redhead friendly' colors in the recent Kate Spade ads, all set the tone for the 2012 color beauty trend.

Get This Look: Choose colors that flatter red hair or your particular hair color. I always recommend greens, purples and blues.

Take these redhead trends, keep beautifully red and Rock it like a redhead!