Flybe's Redheads-Only Flight To Amsterdam's Redhead Days Festival

Someone REALLY Likes Redheads

We get it. A LOT of people in Scotland are redheads, but this is just silly...

Back in May, it was announced that Flybe would shuttle a flight exclusively full of redheads for the annual Redhead Days festival, a local festival that welcomes some 5,000 redheads in Amsterdam, which culminates on World Redhead Day on Monday.

Fast forward to today, when flight number 1285 traveled from Inverness, a city in the Scottish Highlands, to Amsterdam trying to create a new world record for carrying the largest ever number of redheads on one flight. To boot, the entire flight crew was redheaded, too (there was even a Prince Harry impostor).

Now boarding!
red head flight

Here's that strapping Prince Harry impersonator with Margaret Swan, a 95-year-old Inverness resident who might just be the oldest natural redhead in Scotland.
flybe redheads

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