Redman Says A 'How High' Sequel Is Coming In 2017

It's high time.

Get ready, stoners. Your prayers for a sequel to 2001 cult classic "How High," starring Redman and Method Man, have been answered. Redman told XXL that the movie is officially in the works -- and that it could hit theaters as soon as 2017. 

"The writers are still writing the script," Redman explained. "Just looking at it time-wise and being realistic about it. By the time we shoot it, get it edited, color corrected, that’s going to be a year or so. So, yeah, about 2017."

Fans of the original surely wish the sequel were being released sooner. But look at the bright side: Because "How High" came out 14 years ago, we're already 90 percent through the wait!

Redman previously talked about plans for a "How High" sequel at this year's SXSW in Austin. He said he developed the plot for the movie, which he's been calling "How High 2," on Feb. 9, 2014. (Oddly specific!) So far, the rapper has refused to reveal story details, other than that it will be "heavily marijuana related," which should surprise absolutely no one.

 The first "How High," which tells the story of two stoners who discover a strain of marijuana that supercharges their intellect and allows them to get into Harvard, grossed a modest $31 million at the box office. It's since become a central part of the film canon for pot smokers. Plus, the stigma around marijuana has waned since the first movie's release, as states across the country have lowered legal barriers to its use. So it's quite possible that "How High 2" will bring in more green than its predecessor. 

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