Watch The Terrifying Moment A Wave Slams A Boat Into A California Pier

Four people survived the crash with no serious injuries.

Four people survived after their sailboat smashed into a concrete pier in Redondo Beach, California, on Thursday evening.

Witnesses at King Harbor caught the moment on video as a large wave tossed a 24-foot sailing vessel into the Redondo Beach Pier, according to local news station KTLA 5. 

Lifeguards with the Los Angeles County Fire Department posted video to Instagram on Friday that showed the dramatic scene from two different angles. In the footage, at least one person can be seen falling from the boat as the wave crashes over it. A second wave throws the capsized vessel into the pier’s pillars.

All of the boat’s passengers were wearing life vests and only two people were thrown overboard, according to local lifeguards. No serious injuries were reported.

A friend of the one of the victims told KTLA 5 that the boat’s captain is an experienced sailor whose boat was pushed off course because of strong winds.

Lifeguards and harbor patrol found the victims swimming near the wrecked sailboat after 7 p.m., the Los Angeles Times reported. A spokeswoman for the lifeguard division told the newspaper that strong wind gusts contributed to the crash. 

Lifeguards used the incident to remind local boaters of the importance of utilizing lifejackets and weather reports.

“Always wear a #lifejacket, always check your local #ocean and #weather forecasts, and develop a float plan before heading out to sea,” L.A. County lifeguards wrote on Instagram.

High winds moved across Southern California on Thursday, damaging cars and power lines and causing electrical outages, according to The Associated Press.



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