RedOne's 'Don't You Need Somebody' Gets An Inclusive Makeover

This Polish couple wanted to show that "what really counts is love."

RedOne’s summer hit, “Don’t You Need Somebody,” just got a whimsical, LGBT-positive makeover courtesy of a Polish gay couple. 

Jakub Kwiecinski and his longtime boyfriend, David, shot to viral fame in August after they repurposed Roxette’s “Some Other Summer” as a coming out anthem on YouTube. That video, which was filmed in various locations on the Baltic Sea, soon caught the attention of Roxette, who shared it to their official Facebook page

The “Some Other Summer” video, however, didn’t go over so well in their native Poland, where the LGBT community enjoys limited rights. Kwiecinski, who is a television journalist, told The Huffington Post that he and David received an onslaught of hateful and threatening messages from viewers who were angered by the video. 

Hence, Kwiecinski said “Don’t You Need Somebody” is their rebuttal to the haters. Just as RedOne’s original video features appearances by Jennifer Lopez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Seacrest and other stars, the couple’s version includes a bevy of appearances by their family members and friends. 

“We had some really bad moments but we survived with a huge help from our families and friends. They also encouraged us not to give up,” David said. “We didn’t plan another video, but the funny thing is that all the threats motivated us to do it. We just thought ― if we didn’t do it all the haters would have thought that they broke us.”

The pair really wanted to show viewers that “everybody needs somebody,” which inspired them to have their loved ones join them, Kwiecinski said. 

“What really counts is love,” he added. 



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