Reduce Stress: 20 Things Post 50s Say They No Longer Lose Sleep Over

Post 50s stress about many things: career, marriage, legacy –- even loose skin. But midlifers are happy to report a few things they no longer feel the need to agonize over in the world of Medicare plans and reading glasses.

For example, Meg Beattie Patrick, a 50-something communications specialist in New York City, says she no longer frets about “trappings.”

“I don’t stress over having the latest or nicest things any longer,” she said. “Most of the aspiring to have those types of things (house, car, pool, vacations, clothes, camps, horses, entertainment budget) was just for the sake of my children, anyway … and I only achieved my goals about half the time, which makes a girl realize the family will survive and even thrive without every material thing known to mankind.

“Nowadays, I’m just happy to have the nicest friends and the most wonderful children and grandchildren,” she adds. “It’s such a relief to not need the latest phone of iPad or boots or handbag when the ones you have do the trick just fine.”

Kathryn Livingston, a writer and mother, says she no longer stresses about grocery shopping. “Now that my kids are out of the house I don’t have to have things they will like around -- protein bars, luncheon meats, ugh, steak,” she said. “My husband and I have gone vegetarian and we also eat out a lot. No more giant shopping trips to Stop & Shop unless they are home for the holidays -- which, of course, I love.”

Other 50-somethings said they no longer worry about not being invited to every dinner party, getting their Christmas cards out on time or wearing makeup in public. "I don't stress about having a really gorgeous, high-fashion handbag," admits one 50-year-old mother of two. "If it's big enough and not completely hideous, that's good enough for me."

Check out the slideshow below for 20 things baby boomers say they no longer stress over -- and then tell us what you've let go of in midlife, by commenting below or emailing us at

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