Reduce Stress For A Worry-Free Life Post 50

Black couple hugging outdoors
Black couple hugging outdoors

Although the recent Stress in America survey found that Baby Boomers and adults over 67 are the least-stressed age groups in the country, that doesn't mean that aging isn't a challenging process. The majority of boomers still report living with stress levels higher than what they believe to be healthy.

And stress can be particularly harmful to the health of older Americans: Chronic stress has been shown to accelerate the aging process, as well as increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer and other negative health outcomes.

High stress levels post 50 may be the result of an increasing lack of certainty and stability in a number of different areas of life, according to Dr. Kathleen Hall, stress expert and founder of the Mindful Living Network.

“I attribute [high stress levels] to the uncertainty of life," Hall told the Huffington Post in a previous interview. "There is an insecurity about the economic situation which increases stress, individually and in a family.”

From dealing with change and loss to taking on new financial burdens, life post-50 comes with a unique set of challenges that can cause considerable anxiety. So to maintain good health and get the most your golden years, it's essential to make stress management a priority. Click through the slideshow below for the baby boomer's guide to stress-free aging.



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