Travel Stress: Reduce Vacation Strain With These 5 Tips (VIDEO)


Stress may very well be a fact of life, but there's no excuse for it to tag along in your luggage and ruin a perfectly good vacation.

This truism isn't lost on Rich Beattie, the Executive Digital Editor at Travel + Leisure, travel blogger La Carmina, or Sophie Lamarche Barnes of the BarSo Group, who recently joined with Abby Huntsman on HuffPost Live to discuss the best ways to reduce vacation-related stress.

See a quick run-down of their 5 tips, below, but be sure to watch the video for a more thorough explanation on how the panel arrived at these recommendations.

1. Have a plan B in place.
2. Read the fine print on your traveler insurance.
3. Pack appropriate attire for your destination.
4. Pack smart!
5. Organize your documents in advance.

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.

Have more tips to reduce stress on vacation? Share them with us in the comments.

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