Reducing Harm & Expanding the Good: This Week in Daily Giving

Every week at The Pollination Project, we make small seed grants to social change entrepreneurs and visionaries all over the world. This week we are honored to support projects that help reduce harm among vulnerable people, and promote hope, healing and goodness around the world. Congratulations to our grantees this week!

2015-10-30-1446215650-4931751-21533054609_1a96818c2a_o.jpg Holistic Health in Baton Rouge, LA. The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) educates thousands of medical students every year. Unfortunately, the University's programs often fall short when in comes to teaching students about the intersections of holistic health, nutrition, and sustainability. Through their project, the Raised Root Student Garden (RRSG), Lauren Griffiths and Jenna Richlie will provide LSUHSC students with an alternative learning space where they can grow healthy food, host yoga and mediation classes, organize events, and teach healthy cooking classes to underserved community members.

Improving Vaccine Delivery in South Africa. Working together with David Clark from Blueprint International, Catharine and Colin Young have developed a revolutionary mobile app that will help to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of life-saving vaccines in South Africa's Western Cape. The VIVE app (Vital Improvements in Vaccine Efficiency) will track and assist vaccine deliveries by creating a system to identify obstacles in supply chains and extend the viability of lifesaving medicines. Within 5 years of the pilot program's completion, VIVE will be operational in developing countries across the globe.

Documenting Racial Disparities in Madison, WI. With their project, Forward: Anger Into Action, Jamie and Jonathon Quam are creating a documentary about the racial and socio-economic injustices facing black communities in Madison, WI. Their documentary will consist of interviews with residents about the historical issues faced by communities of color along with footage of contemporary grassroots efforts to address racial inequality in the city. Jamie and Jonathan hope to humanize the struggle for racial equality in Madison and beyond.

A Living Laboratory in San Diego, CA. Shira Maltz is an educator who founded of The CPMA Garden and Living Laboratory in San Diego, CA. Located on the Creative Performing and Media Arts middle school campus, the garden/lab is an aquaponics garden and hands-on learning experience. Shira's innovative approach towards education will help to reinvent the science classroom while engaging and inspiring students in the pursuit of their education.

2015-10-30-1446215963-9035605-21139488219_4cf9f6c18f_b.jpgYouth Photographers in Nairobi, Kenya. Justus Mulwa's Gizzim Citizen Journalist initiative is empowering impoverished children from Githurai, Kenya by providing them with hands-on training in photography and the photographic arts. Justus will provide local youth with cameras, training, and the opportunity to showcase their artwork at major exhibits and news outlets. The project hopes to inspire Githurai's youth while educating the public about everyday life in one of Nairobi's largest slums.

Harm Reduction Outreach in Monroe County, IN. The Indiana Recovery Alliance (IRA) is a comprehensive, harm reduction program in Monroe County, Indiana that advocates for services and resources to mitigate the personal and public health risks associated with drug use and addiction. In their current initiative, the IRA is working to advance harm reduction policies and programs focused on addiction, overdose prevention and treatment, and blood-borne disease prevention, as well as distributing harm reduction supplies in their community 7 days a week.

2015-10-30-1446215687-6247617-21096920374_88e2ef86f4_o.jpgOverdose Prevention Training in Orange County, CA. Aimee Dunkle and Margie Fleitman are the founders of The Solace Foundation of Orange County, an organization that is working to reduce the number of opioid related overdose deaths in the region by expanding access to naloxone (an important overdose reversal drug). The organization currently provides overdose prevention and naloxone training to clients and staff at drug treatment centers, sober living homes, detox facilities, homeless shelters, and methadone clinics. Since the foundation's establishment in July 2015, Aimee and Margie have already trained over 200 individuals and saved four lives.

Mangrove Rehabilitation in the Philippines. Through his project, Mobilizing Youth for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation, Edelson Arano Dulang is helping to protect coastal villages in the Philippines from annual typhoons by rehabilitating the region's mangrove forests. Over the next few months, Edelson will establish a nursery in Lanao Del Norte where he will teach local youth about the importance of mangrove forests for sustaining coastal communities during yearly storms. Additionally, Edelson will provide local youth with training on the cultivation of mangrove saplings for use in forest rehabilitation campaigns.

2015-10-30-1446215718-8627335-21531482890_11ccbc880a_o.jpgA Solar Powered Animal Sanctuary in Salem, IN. The Uplands PEAK Sanctuary in Salem, Indiana is in the process of outfitting their facilities with solar power. The Sanctuary currently provides refuge for abused and neglected farm animals who have been raised for food while offering a space where visitors can build compassionate relationships with animals and the surrounding world. By converting their existing power supply to a renewable energy source, the team hopes to advance the Sanctuary's goal of promoting sustainable living practices.

Promoting Hygiene and Clean Water in Nigeria's Schools. Francis Odupute is working with Media BFI to improve the lives of Nigerian schoolchildren through the Wash @ Schools Project. Francis' project will use educational materials to promote access to clean water, as well as improvements in sanitation and hygiene at schools located in flood-prone areas of the country. In particular, Francis and Media BFI have partnered with local educators to produce a short animated video aimed at teaching schoolchildren about the intersections of good health, clean water, and improved hygiene practices.

2015-10-30-1446215764-803432-22225566269_b7d7c7ef98_o.jpg Generosity and Homeless Services in Hickory, NC. Joy Boone and the Catawba Crafters are a small group of retirees and volunteers in Hickory, North Carolina who crochet hats for their local homeless population. Since starting two years ago, Joy and the Catawba Crafters have personally, financed, made, and donated more than 2,000 hats for their homeless neighbors in Hickory. The handmade apparel that Joy and the other Crafters crochet also keeps people safe at night thanks to a special reflective yarn that makes the wearer more visible to automobiles.

Do you know someone who would be a candidate for a Pollination Project grant? We welcome grant applications from anyone, anywhere, at any time!