Another National Park Tweets Some Inconvenient Truths

"More redwoods would mean less climate change."

Another national park is apparently going off-message on social media, tweeting about climate change a day after Badlands National Park deleted its own scientifically accurate tweets on global warming.

On Wednesday, Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California said the region’s famous trees could help fight climate change:

The National Park Service is part of the Department of the Interior, which is part of the executive branch headed by President Donald Trump, who has called climate change a “hoax” and has surrounded himself with science deniers.

Earlier this week, Badlands National Park tweeted a series of facts about climate change that were quickly deleted and blamed on a former employee. 

Redwood National and State Parks is jointly run by the National Park Service and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. 

It’s not clear which agency is running the Twitter feed, but the Facebook page ― which featured a similar post about redwoods and climate change ― says it’s operated by the National Park Service

The Facebook page also offered a link on how climate change will affect the park.  



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