ReelzChannel: Step Aside, Iron Man: Top 10 Guys Gone Metal

Wow, Tony Stark, you're such an innovator. Wounded and held hostage with a makeshift electromagnet stuck in your chest, you take a couple of sardine cans and a used vacuum cleaner and build yourself a set of battle armor that gets you out of your predicament. A couple of revisions later, and you're now Iron Man, a metal hero the likes of which humanity has never seen.

Bushwah, you ain't so original. These days, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting some dude rocking the heavy metal look. In fact, the world is so overrun with shiny, clanking people that we had no problem working up a list of ten other folk who have opted for the alloy life. Better equip your elbows with a set of battering rams, Tony, it's getting kinda crowded around here: