ReelzChannel: Top 10 Shook-Up Shakespeare Movies

William Shakespeare, now there was a guy who could put pen to paper. So powerful was his Romeo and Juliet that the heartbroken of today still write to Juliet in her home town of Verona, spilling their (real, living) souls out to that most famous of all (fictional, dead) lovers. That could be sad if you're, like, a balding, 53-year-old male composing a missive in your mother's basement while cuddling your 1/4-scale, highly detailed model of Catwoman. However, if you happen to be played by Vanessa Redgrave and your letter is retrieved by Amanda Seyfried, who then takes it upon herself to help you reconnect with your lost love, well, friend, such is the stuff of true romance -- and Letters to Juliet.

2010-05-11-05.10shakespearetopimg_bordered.jpgHollywood just loves messing around with Shakespeare, sometimes to such extremes that even learned scholars (and, trust us, we're not lumping ourselves in with that group) can barely recognize the source material. Ready to see how 400-year-old texts can be goosed to meet the entertainment needs of a contemporary audience? Check out our list.