Reese Witherspoon Has Even More Ideas For 'Legally Blonde 3'

Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg doing the "bend and snap."

Reese Witherspoon clearly has Elle Woods on the mind (like we all do, constantly).

After revealing last month that she'd be open to starring in a "Legally Blonde 3," Witherspoon developed a more specific (and silly) vision for the film in a "Conversations in the Backseat" segment for Vanity Fair. The gist? Elle Woods is a Supreme Court justice who casually hangs with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

"She could have a pink robe," Witherspoon said. "[Elle and Ruth Bader Ginsburg] would probably do a secret 'bend and snap' dance together. And then underneath their robes, they'd have bikinis on."

While appearing on Lifetime's "Fashionably Late" back in October, Witherspoon explained why she thinks its an especially potent time to return to the character. 

"I actually think it’s kind of great right now, because we’re talking about women in politics and how important that is, to get more women," she said. "I think we're ready to see Elle and see what she's up to lately." 

Unfortunately, as the actress mentions in both interviews, the decision is ultimately up to MGM Studios. As we wait for them to make the call, we'll be watching the complex female protagonists in films Witherspoon shepherds through her own production company, Pacific Standard, which brought us last year's "Wild" and "Gone Girl."

"Luckiest Girl Alive," anyone?

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