Reese Witherspoon: Robert Pattinson 'Water For Elephants' Sex Scene 'Disgusting, Disappointing'

Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson share a much-hyped love scene in their upcoming film, "Water for Elephants," but the newlywed Witherspoon wasn't very impressed with her co-stars game.

Speaking to In Touch, Witherspoon complained the leaking nose Pattinson was suffering while filming the scene.

"Rob possibly had the most hideous horrible cold of any co-star I've ever had to do a love scene with ever in my entire life," she told the magazine. "He was literally snorting and snotting through every second of it - and it was not appealing. I'm talking green, infectious, disgusting - I'm not kidding!"

In February, Witherspoon spoke about how she anticipated having a good time during the shoot.

"We'll probably just laugh the whole time, because all we do is joke around and laugh... we just have a great time," she told Entertainment Tonight.

To be fair, Pattinson did say this his favorite co-star was the film's elephant.

Snot or not, the film will be released on April 22nd.