Reese Witherspoon Does Hilarious Impression Of Her Picky Eater Toddler

During her May 12 appearance on "Conan," Reese Witherspoon talked about a problem many parents of young kids can relate to -- dealing with a picky eater.

The actress revealed that her 2-year-old son Tennessee refuses to eat anything other than white bread, ketchup and milk. "I have no idea how he's alive," she joked.

To combat her son's picky eating problem, Witherspoon said she tries to make some creative breakfasts for her toddler, like toast with a face on it. She then shared some photos of some of her adorable, Pinterest-worthy meals.

But alas, she explained, her efforts are often in vain. "I'll present these really cute little things," she said. Then breaking into a hilarious impression of the toddler, she continued, "And he's like 'No! I don't like it!'"

Her disagreeable toddler face is quite spot-on.