Reflections on Hillary Clinton in a Time of War

I'll tell you why I support Hillary: one photo, one expression, one flinging up of her hands in consternation.

The moment was when U.S. forces finally caught bin Laden.

Obama leaned forward, looking, like the others, at the screen that showed the action. He appeared mesmerized, glued, almost hypnotized. All the other generals and politicos in the room wore expressions of grimness, certitude, focus.

Only Hillary showed something human, compassionate, horrified -- even at that moment, even at the moment when the monster who stole thousands of lives was being executed, even then. Perhaps simply out of shock at seeing the violence, she showed an emotion that I want to see on the faces of politicians and leaders: concern.

She was concerned, probably for the soldiers who were fighting, risking, braving the uncertainty and terror to fight, to bring down our greatest human enemy in recent times.

But perhaps it was also simply concern about the violence happening.

I, for one, saw a pure, true human emotion of concern for violence, perhaps rooted in a comprehension that there must always be another way.

This is why, despite whatever colossal load of verbiage, airtime and hype that will cloud our lives and minds in the coming months, I will support her.

That flash. That one photo. That one flash of something that makes us truly human.