Reflections On The Women's March On Washington From A Canadian Living In The U.S.

From the Women’s March in Knoxville, TN.
From the Women’s March in Knoxville, TN.
How can we use this powerful demonstration to continue to live each day as the people who are capable of creating a more loving, just and kind world for all human beings everywhere?

Saturday, January 21, 2017 will be known as the day that more women, men and children all around the world gathered to take a stand and did so in peace. As a Canadian citizen I feel honoured to have been a witness to such a powerful movement for change in a nation that has a huge impact on the entire world. While I don’t consider myself to be very political I do feel called to comment on the current events as a way to share my own perspective, which I have come to learn is often different and somewhat broader than most.

My work lies primarily in teaching others how to ‘see’ the spiritual nature of their lives and to live in greater alignment with their whole Self, not just as the small ‘self’ which believes in only what the senses perceive. You may be wondering what that has to do with the March on Washington. The answer, is everything.

You as an individual have so much more power than you realize, whether you marched or not.

While many may have marched against something or someone, I myself chose to march FOR the one thing that we are all here to learn - LOVE. In our daily lives we meet with many obstacles and are asked to face challenges that we wish we did not have to. But we also realize that it is these very obstacles that help to define who we are as individuals. The same is true for us as a nation and as a planet.

The present that we are now being asked to live with is something that we collectively created together in the past. Our combined thoughts, actions and beliefs are what have brought today into being and the thoughts, actions and beliefs that we chose today are what will create our collective tomorrow. So I ask that we all choose wisely for we are either bringing more love, joy and peace into the world today, or we are not.

You may ask, “How can we think thoughts of love, joy or peace when we are out of work, when we feel marginalized or when we’re in need of healthcare?”

My answer is that there is no circumstance or situation outside of ourselves that is either responsible for or to blame for how we choose to think and feel. We are, each and every one of us, solely responsible for the thoughts we think, the feelings we choose and the actions we take. We are being called, as a people, now like never before, to take ownership for our individual power and in doing so to give hope to others that they too can do the same.

While we may not like that reality there is much power in taking ownership for what we have created, both individually and as a whole. The severe contrast that is now at play in our world, especially here in the US, makes it hard to ignore one’s truth. It also sets us up for some significant opposition which lends itself to us either ‘seeing’ more clearly the deeper truth that we are ALL responsible for the world we have created together – both good and bad – or to falsely believe that our enemies are solely to blame.

Which teacher will you choose to learn from, love or fear? In every moment of every day we are all given the opportunity to learn from love but we must first be willing to give up our collective addiction to fear to do so. My hope is that every human being finds a glimpse of the truth that exists within us all – the truth that we are all ONE, never separate from the love that is available to us all at all times nor the peace that accompanies it.

May all beings know peace.