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That's me?

Over there

In your being

For if you are temporary

Then I must be temporary too

And if I am longing for love

Then you too, are seeking love's grasp

You took a piece of truth away from me

Perhaps I ate the whole cake of lies


Ignited with love


Or projection

Sometimes I don't even know if we are together

Or simply our shadows are meeting under the sun

For we have different paths

Yet we met at the intersection of magic and poetry

And we have different pains

Yet compassion magnetized our souls

And in being insecure

I let you see me

And in being together

We saw each other

For the first time

The mirror of your soul

Was not really about you

It was about me

Fanning the flame

Of love and curiosity

Easing the fear

Of pain and detachment

I haven't been here before

I haven't seen this before

I bow before the opportunity

To see me in you

Thankful that the cloth of Authenticity

Cleaned the dirty mirror

For now, I can see me

In my reflection of you