This Simple Trick Will Make You Look Instantly More Awake

Start treating your refrigerator like a medicine cabinet.

Those who invest in eye creams and face serums usually want to make sure they're doing everything possible to get the most bang for their buck -- whether that's enhancing effectiveness by incorporating the product into a well-crafted nighttime routine or focusing on different problem areas as they age.

But here's one brilliant beauty trick you may not have tried.

According to celebrity skin expert and registered nurse Jamie Sherrill, we should be treating our refrigerators "like a medicine cabinet" by chilling certain beauty products when they're not in use.

"Moisturizers, eye creams and masks have an instant de-puffing effect when they've been stored in a cold place like the refrigerator," she says.

As a catalyst, the cold temperature can be quite powerful. "It causes your vessels to constrict, and it reduces inflammation and swelling, giving you a more 'awake' look almost instantly," Sherrill explains.

This trick isn't just for the product inside the jars, either.

"Many eye creams and serums come with this metal rollerball applicator," Sherrill says. "In keeping these little guys cold, it enhances the cooling effect and reduces the inflammation even more. Keep these in the refrigerator for a more dramatic effect."

And what about all-natural creams and serums? If you typically use beauty products that don't contain any preservatives, putting them in the fridge could extend their shelf-life as well.

It can "slow down bacterial growth -- but remember that it just slows the growth; it doesn't prevent it entirely," Sherrill says.

The refrigerator can be a great enhancer, but before you go overboard, Sherrill adds a brief word of caution: "Your skincare products should not go in the freezer," she says. "The extreme cold will ruin the product and its efficacy."


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