Refugee Kids Completely Own Serbian Cops In Playful Snowball Fight

What a sweet snow battle!

There might be a lot of snow in this clip, but the interaction between these kids and police officers will warm your heart right up. 

A video recently shared on Facebook by a coordinator at the Commissariat for Refugees Nemanja Božović features refugee children and Serbian police officers engaged in a snowball fight.

Check out the kids' serious snow battle skills. The cops really don't stand a chance. But don't worry, some of the kids give the underdogs a little assistance and hand them some snowballs, making for the friendliest fight ever. 

According to a HuffPost translation of N1 Info, the wintry play took place in the Serbian town of Šid, where the kids stayed for a few hours, waiting for a train to bring them to Croatia. 

Hopefully the officers learned a thing or two from their time with these snowball-hurling experts! 


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