Refurb The Smiling Cat Gets Donations For Animal Shelters In Exchange For Paw Print (PHOTOS)

Credit: Imgur/Akslfak

Have you gotten your Refurbograph yet?

A three-legged cat named Refurb, whose toothy smile charmed the Internet in a photo (see above) last month, is now generating donations for animal shelters in exchange for her paw print, dubbed a "Refurbograph."

Refurb's owner, Reddit user Akslfak, explained on Imgur recently how it all happened. After Refurb's photo on the image-sharing site went viral last month, Akslfak discussed the craziness on a forum called Something Awful. A member joked that they'd pay for a Refurb autograph in the form of a paw print. Akslfak responded that if the member donated $10 to an animal shelter, they could get a paw print sent in the mail. Turns out the fan was serious, and sent proof of the donation. Akslfak followed through on the Refurbograph.

But it didn't end there. More requests came in. Refurb has now raised around $1,000 in donations, Akslfak wrote.

Scroll below for a gallery of Refurb pictures.

"I feel I should emphasize again how incredibly silly this whole thing was," Akslfak wrote on Reddit on Tuesday. "Midway through making prints of my cat's paw to mail to complete strangers on the Internet, I stopped and said to myself '...what the hell am I doing?' But it's for a good cause, so hey!"

Donors shouldn't worry about Refurb getting too tired from all the autographing. Wrote Akslfak: "She put up with the paw print making like a champ."


Credit: Akslfak/Imgur

Those who would like to contribute to an animal shelter of your choice in exchange for a Refurbograph can reach out to Akslfak via Reddit.

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