Refuse the Oat Cake

Our show went fine today, and we had about 15 people. There was a brief moment of panic for me, when the pre-show music wasn't playing. There's no way for Glenn and I to communicate once we start the show. I'm backstage, and he's in the back corner of our theatre space, where the sound and light board are. The complete silence made me anxious, usually we have music playing while the audience takes their seats. Unbeknownst to me, one of my props (a microphone) had broken. So Glenn went in search of a remedy. The Space@Surgeon'sHall technical staff are really helpful and professional. They got us some black gaffers tape (very quickly) and when I used the mic, during the show, I didn't even realize it had been repaired.

I attended my first class at Fringe Central 2 today. It was a panel discussion about touring, and finding producers who might be interested in my show. It was informative, but slightly depressing. I can think in a business-like manner, but prefer not to. I did get a spread sheet with United States producers who host touring theatre productions, but at first glance it looks like most of them are interested in work from the UK.

I think in addition to realizing how much of a slog it can be (marketing a show here.) Reviews are starting to pour in, but for other people, and other shows. It's distressing when there's no review for our show. Last time here, in 2012, it was the same. Back then, we didn't get reviewed until the final few days of the Fringe. Brutal memories are flooding back. Anyway. . . Chin up. Stiff upper lip.

The weather here in Edinburgh is so changeable. In a single day an umbrella, a sleeveless dress, and later on, long underwear, all might be appropriate. It was sunny and warm when we went into our first play. We saw Hemmed In at the Space on the Mile. It was an original musical about 5 women, who get out of prison and are remanded into a fashion design course in order to be rehabilitated. It was charming. Likable characters, comic relief, and an interesting set-up. There is so much original work here, it's astounding.

I spied two women in Jane Austen like dresses and we took a chance on seeing another show immediately. That was a mistake. We should have had supper and a stroll. I won't comment on the show we saw, just to be fair to them. We wished we had sat in the back of the theatre, because we would have been able to sneak out. Dang. For some ridiculous reason I had chosen to sit in the front row.

Oh, word to the wise. If anyone offers you an oat cake, realize that they are actually small circles of cardboard, and refuse them. . . unless they're covered in chocolate or something, then they might be worth choking down.