Regan Kerr, Colorado Teen, Makes Soda Tab Prom Dress (VIDEO)

Five months and 5,114 soda can tabs later, Regan Kerr finally has her prom dress.

Despite having never made a dress before, the Colorado teen took a needle and thread to her collection of soda tabs to create a gown to wear to her high school dance on April 28, 9 News reports.

Kerr, a junior at George Washington High School near Denver, showed off the finished product on camera for local television news outlets. The dress features colored tabs lining the sweetheart neckline and silver tabs cascading down the bodice.

But the dazzling dress wasn't exactly a one-person endeavor.

Family and friends began contributing soda can tabs to Kerr's collection about two years ago.

"They're not all mine. I didn't drink 5,000 sodas," Kerr told 9 News.

For more details on Kerr's dress, read the full story at 9 News.

While Kerr's soda tab prom dress surely stood out on the dance floor, she certainly wasn't the first to don a pop-inspired creation.

Missouri teen Maura Pozek wore a similar gown of woven soda tabs and pink ribbon to one of her high school dances. This year, though, the 17-year-old took a different route and fashioned her gown out of cardboard.

But sometimes students' attempts at being unique garner some unexpected attention.

Just last month, Tennessee senior Texanna Edwards was turned away from her prom after she arrived in a dress that resembled the Confederate flag.

Although Edwards said she didn't mean to offend anyone, school officials stood by their decision, saying the school had dealt with "race related issues" in the past and that they feared the rebel symbol would stir up controversy among students.

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