Andy Richter & Reggie Watts Improvise Fake TV Shows On Minnesota Public Radio (VIDEO)

WATCH: Andy Richter & Reggie Watts Make Up Fake New TV Shows

Well, this one is simply a delight. Last week, Andy Richter and Reggie Watts used their improvisational gifts to great effect on Minnesota Public Radio's show "Wits," one of the rare public radio comedy shows that's actually funny -- even to listeners who don't think a New York Times reference is a good substitute for a joke.

On the episode, Richter is given the names of several fake new TV shows ("Mummy Town," "Would You Like Meat With That?") by host John Moe, and Richter makes up the plot of the show on the spot. Watts also throws in a theme song for the show using only a keyboard, his mouth and a loop machine.

You'll want to watch this whole video, as it shows two improv masters doing what they do best. Richter first made his name in the Chicago improv comedy scene in the '80s and '90s before moving to New York to become Conan O'Brien's sidekick on "Late Night," a job he left briefly but continues to this day on O'Brien's TBS show.

While Watts' background is in music and not acting, over the last few years he's become a favorite of audiences across the country for an musical comedy act that's almost entirely made up onstage. His talents will soon be seen on IFC's upcoming off-kilter talk show, "Comedy Bang! Bang!", as the show's "one-man bandleader."

The entire episode of "Wits," which also features Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of "Mystery Science Theater 3000," can be found on MPR's website.

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