Regifting Christmas Presents: How To Do It Properly

What's the deal with regifting? Is it a social faux pas? If you do it, does it mean you're a cheapskate?

These are highly relevant questions this time of year. You might be wondering if you can parlay something gathering dust in the back of your closet into a last minute gift -- or if you get a duplicate item this Christmas, should you hang onto it to act as a future present?

Here is what etiquette experts have to say:

Emily Post: The Emily Post Institute's stance is that regifting is alright, but totally depends on context. They suggest that one should only regift if the item is brand new and in its original packaging, and if it will not create awkwardness with the sender or recipient. They emphasize that the gift must be something that the recipient actually wants.

Jacqueline Whitmore: Ms. Whitmore, a business etiquette expert, gives the go-ahead for regifting, but reminds readers to "consider the taste" of the receiver and to destry all evidence that the item is being regifted. She wisely suggests that if a gift is expired or really not desirable, just chuck it; don't regift it.

Louise Fox: Protocol expert Louise Fox advises readers to be very cautious when regifting. She suggests that one should never regift something that is an heirloom or was handcrafted by the original giver. She also suggests that you regift only if the gift is something you truly would have bought the recipient.

In light of what the experts have to say, and in light of the Networx team's own thrifty-living prowess, here are our recommendations for regifting. Take them, leave them or pass them on. Pun intended.


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