'All The Rowboats,' Regina Spektor's Comeback Track

Regina Spektor is back with a new single, and this time there's a bit of an angry techno beat in the mix.

Last heard from on her 2009 album 'Far," Spektor has dropped a tense, electronic tune complete with her signature erratic piano notes.

As for the lyrics of the song, Spektor has one focus: Freeing the poor, trapped objects in a museum.

"All the rowboats and oil paintings, they keep trying to row away, row away," Spektor sings repeatedly in the chorus.

"All The Rowboats" is off Spektor's upcoming album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, due out in May.

"Regina Spektor is that rare artist that continues to surprise," the album's producer, Mike Elizondo, said. "Just when you think you have her figured out, she knocks you out with something completely different. It's that spirit that drives this record. Each song takes you on a journey that only Regina is capable of providing. She has truly outdone herself."

How do you think "All The Rowboats" compares to Spektor's other work? Let us know in the comments.